Talking Sales with Vincent Dreffs at Industrious Nashville NEW Location!

June 19, 2018
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Industrious Nashville
414 Union St. Suite 1900
Nashville, TN 37219

Join Nashville NACE and Vincent Dreffs for our June BREAKFAST meeting at the beautiful new Industrious Nashville Downtown location!

Vincent Dreffs of Dreffs for Success with be discussing:

Sales - The power of pricing your goods and or services to maximize revenue.  There is a relevant discussion on "selling well" and "buying better" and the positive effects this has on customer appreciation, loyalty and most of all, increased revenue.

We will have frank discussions about menu items, prices and discounts.  The importance of F.A.B. Selling techniques and the top three questions you have the right to ask your customer.  Lastly, we will discover the ways you can achieve T.A.P. With every customer resulting in a win-win and respected relationship.

We will discuss the importance of your sales efforts being cognizant of generally accepted purchasing practices.  Having a basic understanding of food cost and how it affects profits.  We will answer the question as to whether it is better to sell beef tenderloin or hot dogs.

Nashville NACE guests will also be able to check out Industrious Nashville's newest downtown location!  

Industrious is the country's leading provider of premium co-working and shared-office space. With two locations in Nashville, Industrious has 30 plus locations across the country, all of which make up their national network. They offer all-inclusive memberships flexible for teams of 1-100. With beautiful aesthetics, high-quality amenities, and a professional community we focus on creating a space that makes people proud and excited to come to work every day!

You can receive up to $1000 by successfully referring someone who takes on office space with Industrious. Check out their referral program at

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